Hotels, inns and holidayhomes in and around Sæby

If you're looking for a good night sleep, you can find both hotels, inns, wellness stays, holiday homes and holiday centers in lovely Sæby.

Sæby Svømmebad

Golf, tennis, minigolf, climbing wall, bowling, football-golf and swimming in Sæby

Activities for any taste, any age and any time of the year - in and around Sæby.

Check the list below for all the activities on offer, and remember that, after a hard day of fun, it's possible to be spoil yourself at a wellness-center. 

Church concert - orchestra

Entertainment during autumn in the Top of Denmark

Visit the Top of Denmark during autumn and participate in some of the many events. You will find all from concerts in many different genres to culinary experiences. Go JazzyDays in Tversted or cook at the cooking school in Skagen. The possibilities are many. See a selection of events below.

All events

Holiday houses - Sæby and Lyngså

Holiday houses - Sæby and Lyngså

A holiday house dose to the childfriendly east coast is one of the best starting points for an unforgettable holiday at the top of Denmark. Over 100 fine holiday homes in all price classes near beach, woods and a lively county town environment.

Book one of our holiday houses in Sæby and Lyngså here

Events in Sæby


Der er gang i Sæby året rundt - på Torvet, på Sæby havn, i byens kulturhus "Manegen", de små spillesteder og i de omkringliggende landsbyer. Sæby er musikkens by - med to store harmoniorkestre og et stærkt bigband, masser af jazz i bymiljøet, som kulminerer i Sæby Jazzfestival "Jazz & Fisk", og en Kirke, som arrangerer klassiske koncerter af høj kvalitet. 

Winter near Rubjerg, Lønstrup

Events during your winter holiday in the Top of Denmark

Spend your winter holidays in the Top of Denmark and participate in interesting events for children as well as adults. Music, interesting stories and culturel experiences. Small and big events for all ages. Visit the Top of Denmark and enjoy the winter days.

Fun events for kids with the theme recycling

Birgitte Tolnov Bed & Breakfast

Private accommodation in Hjørring and the surrounding area

Do you need a place to stay? Hjørring and the surrounding area offers several of options for private accommodation. In the centre of Hjørring, in the smaller towns like Sindal and Bjergby, in the country side, in villas and farms you will be welcomed with freshly made beds in a single-, double- or family room.

Active holiday in Lønstrup

Lønstrup has an amazing nature that offers great opportunities for activities in holidays and everyday. There are many hiking trails in and around the city. If you feel like enjoying the nature from horseback, the area offers several opportunities for horseback riding. The area also offer possibilities for bicykling where both people with regulare bikes and mountainbikes can enjoy the beautiful nature combined with healthy exercise.

At Hotel in Lønstrup

Lønstrup has two family run hotels with apartments where it is possible to have both shorter or longer stays. Apart from these two there is an autentic badehotel that offers rest.


Lønstrup - The Village by the Sea


Lønstrup's main street is called Strandvejen. It winds its way a couple of kilometers behind the dune facing out onto the sea. There's often shelter here from the wind that blows op on the hill.

Dinner in Lønstrup

Lønstrup has a lot to offer when it comes to lunch or dinner at one of the many cafés and restaurants. The cafés offer homemade dishes and many are inspired by the ocean as their neighbor, which means there are rich opportunities to enjoy fish or shellfish. Likewise you also find classic restaurant and family friendly restaurants.

Details in paintings - the Top of Denmark

Arts and Crafts Week in the Top of Denmark

Visit the Top of Denmark for the Arts and Crafts Week and experience unique and different art at the many art events with different arts.

Meet the local, colourful artists and craftsmen in their workshops and ateliers and get insights in the creating process. Try to work creatively yourself with glass art, photo collages and ceramics or make your own juwellery. Get new inspiration.

Mussels - delicious local recipes

Local recipes in the Top of Denmark

Recipe for fishcakes

Children and adults love hot fishcakes. See the recipe for fishcakes as the fisherwomen in Hirtshals make them.

Fishcakes - serves 8

2 kg flaked cod, coalfish or haddock 
6 teaspoons salt, 2 teaspoons white pepper 
4 tablespoons wheat flour, 4 tablespoons potato flour 
5 eggs
130 g chopped onion 
¼ l whipping cream
1-2 dl milk