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Transportation / Find your way to Skagen - Frederikshavn - Sæby

Travel by train, car, ferry or plane according to your route and your wishes. Plan your travel and arrive safe and rested in Skagen - Frederikshavn - Sæby.

Once you have decided where to go and where to live, you're ready to plan what to see and what to do at your destination. Some events and attractions might be right next to your accommodation, and others can be reached by one of the transportation forms listed below.

It you travel by car your transportation is already taken care of, and for everyone else public transport takes care of all your needs.

By train

  • Nordjyske Jernbaner travels daily from Skagen to Frederikshavn. Once here DSB helps get you to the rest of Denmark. For more information: Nordjyske Jernbaner: Tel. 96 24 22 20 - www.njba.dk
  • Nordjyllands Trafikselskab: Tel. 98 11 11 11 - www.nordjyllandstrafikselskab.dk. Tickets can be obtained at the ticket machine on the train.  
    Note!  Credit cards and foreign currency is not accepted.
  • DSB – Tickets and seat reservation: Tel. 70 13 14 15 - www.dsb.dkwww.rejseplanen.dk

By bus /coach

By ferry

Should you want to visit Norway or Sweden, the ferries depart from Frederikshavn or Hirtshals.

The routes are: Frederikshavn-Gøteborg, Frederikshavn-Oslo, Frederikshavn-Læsø, Hirtshals-Kristiansand, Hirtshals-Stavanger, Hirtshals-Bergen, Hirtshals-Larvik.

By plane

Both SAS and Norwegian have domestic flights from Copenhagen to Aalborg Airport. From Aalborg you can also fly overseas to a number of destinations.

Connection to/from the airport:

Train from Skagen via Frederikshavn to Lindholm (Aalborg), then metro bus no. 2 to the airport.
Special taxi from Frederikshavn to/from the airport can be ordered on tel. +45 98 42 13 11.

By bicycle

When travelling the countryside on a bicycle, you get to see and feel everything at close range. 

Unless you decide to rent a bicycle, you might need to transport it by train or by bus. On the train from Frederikshavn bicycles and prams can be transported if space is available. It’s not possible to pre-book.

Bicycles can be transported by:

Skagen Taxa: +45 98 43 34 34
Frederikshavn Taxa: +45 98 42 13 11
Sæby Taxa: + 45 98 42 19 98

Bicycles can be rented here:

Cykelhandler Alfred Pedersens Eftf. - Cykeludlejning: +45 98 44 25 28
Skagen Cykeludlejning: +45 98 44 10 70
Frederikshavn Turistbureau: +45 98 42 32 66
Cykelgården Sæby: + 45 98 46 14 10

City bicycles in Frederikshavn:
These bicycles are free and can be obtained at the tourist office. They are available from Easter until November.

Tourist Offices in Skagen - Frederikshavn - Sæby

You're welcome to vist and we can help you with information regarding bus transportation, taxies, ferry departure times and train times.

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Frederikshavn Havn

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Find your way

Plan your travel on Google Maps: Skagen         Frederikshavn         Sæby

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More information:

Skagen Turistbureau
Vestre Standvej 10
9990 Skagen
Phone: +45 98 44 13 77

Skagen turistbureau


Frederikshavn Turistbureau
Skandiatorv 1
9900 Frederikshavn
Phone: +45 98 42 32 66

Frederikshavn Turistbureau


Sæby Turistbureau
Algade 14
9300 Sæby
Phone: +45 98 46 12 44

Sæby Turistbureau