The Top of Denmark on your smartphone

Try the new free app for the Top of Denmark, and you will easily find holiday experiences in the Land of Light. Download the app for iPhone or Android and bring the Top of Denmark on your smartphone. Or visit our mobilsite and find the information - just when you need it.

App for iPhone and Android

The Top of Denmark is now also available as app for your smartphone. Find information about accommodation, attractions, and fun activities and events.

The app is available for iPhone as well as Android. All other smartphone users may choose to use our mobile site with much of the same information as the app. 

The mobilsite is available on

Practical information and inspiration for your holiday

With the Land of Lights app for your smartphone, you have a guide with overview of all practical information on the area, with weather forecasts and an overview of restaurants, accommodation, attractions, and events - and with this lots of inspiration for your holiday.

In the app you will also find the Danish seach function Ruteplanen and you can find route descriptions for cars, bus or train.

Have fun!

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Find our mobile site

Don't worry if an iPhone or Android phone is not at hand. Find the Top of Denmark's mobile site where you will find a lot of the same information as in our app.