Shopping in Hjørring and Sindal

Hjørring is the largest commercial town in Vendsyssel. Here you will find quaint pedestrian precincts, a host of supermarkets and shops and a large shopping centre situated right in the middle of Hjørring.

A vibrant city

Hjørring is a vibrant commercial town, which invites shopping all year round.

In the centre of Hjørring you will find a long pedestrian precinct, where shops, cafés and restaurants are located side by side. Whether you like shopping in small cosy streets like Stokbrogade in the west or in the lively shopping centre Metropol in the east, Hjørring has most things your heart could desire.

Pedestrian street precincts

Østergade, Strømgade and Stokbrogade are all pedestrian precincts located in the centre of Hjørring. Here you will find a wealth of exciting shops and specialist shops. You can enjoy shopping in exclusive shops for jewellery, designer furniture, furnishings, shoes and clothes. In the pedestrian precincts you will find areas designated for relaxation and play.

Metropol shopping centre

In Metropol, you will find a blend of inspiring shops, which offer an exciting shopping experience. Amongst the specialist shops you will find cafés and a supermarket.

On the first floor you can visit the library or go for a work-out in the fitness centre.

Bispetorv centre

A modern newly built area in the centre with a large supermarket and other large shops. The area has great parking possibilities.

Supermarkets offering a vast selection of items

Throughout Hjørring you can find large and smaller supermarkets. They offer everything from delicacies to bargin price merchandise. The opening hours of the supermarkets vary, but from 7a.m. until 10 p.m. you will always be able to find an open supermarket.

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The centre of Hjørring has close to 2500 parking spaces. Some of these parking spaces are marked bays along the kerb. Please be aware of restricted parking at some of the parking spaces and ALWAYS remember to set your parking disc on your windscreen every time you park.

The parking spaces are in greatest demand on weekdays and Saturdays between 11 a-.m. and 3 p.m.

In Metropol free parking is available for  maximum 3 hours. Please remember to set your parking disc. You can get at free parking disc at Hjørring Tourist Information Office, which is situated in the library on the first floor in Metropol.

Events in the centre of Hjørring

All year round Hjørring hosts many different events. During Open By Night the shops are open until 10 p.m. and you can enjoy music and activities in the pedestrian precincts.Kulturnatten Hjørring

Café life in Hjørring

Cafés invite you to have a well-deserved break during shopping. Rest your tired feet and head and savour your newly purchased items.Blomstercaféen

Music and dancing

If you feel like a night out, Hjørring offers everything from discotheques and pubs to a pleasant evening with large beers at Zwei Grosse Bierbar.