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Facts and myths about Christmas

Did you know that once upon a time Christmas was forbidden in England, or that Rudolph with the red nose was an American advertising campaign, and that Jesus was born during a cold winter? Here you find a collection of fun and different information about Christmas.

The forbidden Christmas celebration

In 1647 the English parliament passed the law forbidding Christmas. The Puritan leader, Oliver Cromwell, looked upon the celebration as immoral and believed that the Christmas days should be sacred. All people caught in celebrating the public holiday were arrested. The law was removed again when the Puritans lost the power.

Santa Claus and his 108 mill. visits

Santa Claus has 31 hours to make all his Christmas visits. He has to visit 900 homes per second; that is he must be very effective when bringing out presents.

If every present weighs 1 kilo, he has to bring 500,000 tons presents in his sleigh. And in addition to this himself - which is said to be a lot of kilos.

The old cruller

The cruller or in Danish "klejne" is one of the oldest Danish Christmas cookies. Already in the Mittle Ages people used to bake the cookie. Or when put correctly: They boiled the cruller. Because a cruller must be boiles in fat. Which is also the reason why it was possible to cook this cookie already in the Mittle Ages - before the times of the stove.

Jesus was born in cold times

Drillings in Greenland show that the winter was hard when Jesus was born. Scientists have drilled ice from the inland ice and by the ice layers they can see, how much snow has come during a certain year. When Jesus was born, winter was hard and cold.

Do you know the song about Rudolph?

Rudolph with the red nose was "invented" by the American advertising executive Robert May. Rudolph was the 9th reindeer in front of Santa Claus' sleigh. He only had 8 reindeer until Rudolph came along.

We all know the story about poor Rudolph with the red nose, but did you know, that he was invented as an advertising campaign for an american mall? Now Rudolph is part of Christmas - also in Denmark...

The clothing of Santa Claus was an advertising campaign

Rumour has it that Santa Claus got his bright red clothing when Coca-Cola Company used the famous Santa Claus with red clothing, big beard and a belt in their marketing. Before this campaign, Santa Claus was dressed up in other colours. I wonder weather the rumour is true?

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