Experience Tolne

Tolne means ”The road by the grassy sloaps” and you are sure to gain great experience in the nature surrounding Tolne. When you are on vacation in the top of Denmark, Tolne is a great place to visit with activities and events for the whole family.

Experience Tolne

Tolne is located in the inlands of North Jutland and offers exiting experiences for young and old. First and foremost the area is known for the Forest of Tolne, which is a favorite location for families to go on picnics and excursions. In Tolne there are accommodations, local artists and 5 minutes away in Mosbjerg you can visit the The Landscape and Agriculture Museum. Here you can experience the many different activities they host throughout the year. Tolne is located centrally with only 22 km to Hjørring and 16 km to Frederikshavn.

The forest and hills of Tolne

The Forest of Tolne and Tolne hills are protected areas, but also a place which offers a diverse nature experience. The untouched forest of Tolne differs from cultivated forests, with its unpredictability and varied nature. The forest is not maintained and dead trees are decomposed by fungus and insects. In the fall, the forest offers you ample opportunity to go hunting for berries or go mushroom-picking. The forest consists of coniferous and hardwood trees.

In the southern area of the forest you find Bålhøje, four burial mounds from the Bronce Age. Apart from being an ancient monument, Bålhøje was also used as a communication device. The location was carefully and strategically chosen due to its height and by using fires, one was able to spread messages and information regarding important events.

In the forest you can also meet a family of ogres, but do not fret they are all made of wood. Let the children explore the ogres. The ogres are made by an artist couple from Brovst in cooperation with Tolne Efterskole.
In the protected area of the forest of Tolne, you can find Skovpavillonen, near from here, there are great picnic facilities such as; table sets, barbecue, playground and public restrooms. In the rest of the woods, there are no facilities and certain trails and roads, can be hard to access. There are three different routes through the forest, and you can also walk on Hærvejen or take a bikeride on the route Tolne-Asdal.

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Tolne Skovpavillon

In the forest of Tolne, you can visit Tolne Skovpavillon. The pavilion was built I 1907-08 and was a popular restaurant and dance hall. The pavilion has been a gathering point for several meetings and has also served as a popular destination for outings for families and schools. Today Tolne Skovpavillon is run by a local civic association and they have concerts and various exhibitions.

Arts and crafts

In Tolne artists and craftsmen also resides and they are happy to show their arts and crafts. In Galleri Goggelrok, you can see Birgit Hornshøj beautiful paintings inspired by the nature surrounding Tolne. Hedvig Brix´s gallery, Galleriet Vita is located in the old school building. Here you can experience exhibitions with various artists and try your skills as an artist in Hedwig´s painting course. At Tolne Gjæstgivergaard the ceramic artist couple, Gregory Hamilton and Janne Heick, has established both a gallery and a bed & breakfast. They are also happy to help plan any excursions in the area.

Tolne Church

The style of the church is romanesque, it was built around the year 1200. The chancel to the east is square while the nave towards west is rectangular. It is unknown if the church had a tower at one point. Today the church is decorated with the original baptismal font, made of a rock of granite. The pulpit is of a newer origin, while the organ dates back to 1908. That painting at the altar is made by the artist Anker Lund in 1898.


North of Tolne you find Dvergetved Søpark, a put & take. The lake measures 22.000 square meters and is placed in beautiful surroundings. Here you will find excitement for many hours trying to catch some of trout’s in the lake. If you need some fishing equipment, you can visit the tackle shop located next to the lake.

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Harvest day in Mosbjerg

Landscape and Agriculture Museum

At the museum in Mosbjerg lots of activities take place during the year. F.e. Potato Day and old time harvest day.

Download map of the forest of Tolne. Please note that the text is in Danish.

Download map of the Tolne - Asdal route. Please note that the text is in Danish.

Download folder of Tolne Skov - please note that the information is in Danish.

Tolne Skov

By Train

If you don not have a car while on vacation, it is still easy to get to Tolne as you can go by train. From the station to the picnic area it is 5 minutes by foot.Tog til Tolne 

Viewpoint Bålhøj

Picnic area in the forest of Tolne

Madpakke område i Tolne Skov

Ogre in the forest of Tolne