Cultural experiences in the area of Hjørring

Hjørring is, as the old capital of culture of the region, a centre for cultural experiences. The town has two theatres, museums and several of events all year round. You can always get a cultural experience in Hjørring. The whole area has a rich culture environment, where both the culture institutions and committed locals attract a lot of visitors, because of their ability to offer a wide variety of experiences.

Visit a museum

Vendsyssel Historiske Museum – Vendsyssel Historical Museum - is the old regional museum of Vendsyssel. It presents exhibitions on ancient history, churches, attires, toys and much more. The museum has a large garden, where you can enjoy a picnic. Mosbjerg Landskabs- and landbrugsmuseum -Landscape and Agriculture Museum - near Sindal is located in magnificent settings with hills and ravines. At the museum the whole family can get the feeling of travelling back in time and experience the way of living in the countryside, as it was in the good old days.

The collection of Vendsyssel Kunstmuseum - Vendsyssel Art Museum - consists of modern art that can be associated with Northern Jutland. Besides paintings, the collections of the museum include sculptures, graphic arts and handicrafts.

Martinus Barndomshjem - Martinu’s Childhood Home - in Sindal is a smallholding beautifully situated at the foot of a valley on the outskirts of Sindal. Here the well-known cosmologist Martinus experienced a frugal but happy childhood. The smallholding is converted into a museum and it appears as it did at the turn of the 20th century.

In the open air

The townscape of Hjørring has a lot of art on display and the town and the locals have a long-time tradition and interest of art. Currently the town has more than 150 public decorations of high quality. Sindal, situated in Soldalen, welcomes its visitors with 100 fountains. The fountains are accessible by the public. 

Every year, the open-air theatre in the park Sct. Knuds Kilde sets the scene for Hjørring Sommerspil. Here you will experience an outdoor show out of the ordinary, when local actors enact a musical show.

Hjørring Sommerspil

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Visit a theatre

The theatre Vendsyssel Teater is a small successful and dynamic regional theatre in Hjørring. At the moment, the new facility Theater and Experiencecenter is under construction and during the spring in 2017 Vendsyssel Theatre will move here. 

The theatre Hjørring Teater puts on about 25 different professional shows a year, mainly at the stage called vendelbohusscenen in the beautiful old theatre of the town from 1907.

Hjørring Teater

Vendsyssel Festival

Every year, the Vendsyssel Festival offers classical music concerts performed by highly professional artists. The concerts are held in the beautiful surroundings of Vendsyssel, and the concertgoers will simultaneously get to know some of the exiting churches and concert venues in Vendsyssel. Koncert på Vendsyssel Kunstmuseum

Opera in the cinema

Let your self be enhanced by a different opera experience, when Hjørring Biocenter shows an opera in the cinema. Please visit the website of the cinema for more information.

Gøgsigs Pakhus in Sindal

Gøgsigs Pakhus in an old merchant's warehouse that can be dated back to the turn of the century. It is one of the buildings of the merchant's house – Sindal Købmandshandel. Gøgsig Pakhus has been renovated gently, and the cosy atmosphere from the past has been maintained. Today Gøgsig Pakhus is the centre of culture and art in Sindal.Gøgsigs Pakhus, Sindal. Copyright: Wikipedia