Arts and crafts in Hjørring and the surrounding area

The area has a variety of artists and artisans and you can have the opportunity to visit both established artists and up coming talents, who will gladly invite you inside to learn more of their arts and crafts.

Below is a selection of exciting artists in the area.

 Sculptors Anni Kristine & Flemming Holm

Anni Kristine and Flemming Holm in Hjørring use granite and bronze as material for their sculptures. The internationally famous artist couple Anni Kristine & Flemming Holm live just to  the north of Hjørring. Blocks of granite are fashioned into elegant sculptures. The bronze sculptures Anni Kristine & Flemming Holm

Glasstuen (glass art) v/Karen Leerskov, Sindal

Glasstuen is definitely worth a visit. Situated in the beautiful terrain surrounding Fjelstedvej in Sindal, Karen has her shop and working studio in the old converted barn. Karen has 10 years of experience working with glass and she offers courses for everyone, who are interested in making the art from glass. In Glasstuen you will find exhibitions and sale of moulded glass. Unique scarves, paintings, handmade cards, knitwear, ceramic figures, bags, patchwork and jewellery are also sold in the shop. Please call to arrange a visit outside opening hours. Glasstuen v Karen Horsholt


The graphical workshop, Hjørring

Visit The Graphical Workshop in Hjørrings permanent sales exhibition with original graphic of acknowledged Danish and international artists. 280 doings is on the walls in frames that gives the visitor rich opportunity to view the each graphical print. 

Grafisk Værksted

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Art in Sindal & Tolne

Many of the artists in Sindal and Tolne are established in their private homes, where art and creativity can flourish in domestic surroundings.

Vendsyssel Kunstmuseum (Art Museum)

Vendsyssel Kunstmusem - Vendsyssel's Art Museum - is state-funded. It is one of the few art museums, where you can experience a close connection between the work of the artists and the characterful local landscape outside the museum.

Vendsyssel Kunstmuseum

Herregården Odden (The manor house Odden)

Herregården Odden is the most northern manor house in Denmark.  It is more than 700 years old. At the manor house you will find a great selection of J.F. Willumsens doings. 

Herregården Odden

Gøgsigs Pakhus (Gøgsigs storehouse)

The culture house “Gøgsigs Pakhus” is a old grocers storehouse like one of the buildings to the merchant's house “ Sindals købmandshandel” and it is built about the turn of a century. “Gøgsigs pakhus” offers changing exhibitions on three floors the year around. In the ground floor there is also a café.

Gøgsigs pakhus