Active holiday in Hjørring and the surrounding area

The whole area has plenty of activities to offer. Whether you are dressed in swimwear, at high speed, jumping up and down, swinging a golf club or holding a paddle in your hand? Regardless of your favourite activity, you will always be able to find fun activities for the entire family.

Funhouse Hjørring

The funniest house in Hjørring where fun, time together and physical challenges all come together. You will find inside and outdoor activities for the entire family: playground, bouncy castle, air hockey and Sumo costumes. A large area on the first floor has free arcade machines, a three storey high climbing frame with different activities and a ball cannon. You will also find outdoor mini golf and a café serving food and drinks. Free wireless Internet service is also available.

Hjørring Golf Club

The golf club Hjørring Golfklub is beautifully situated in a hilly and diverse terrain. Here you will find a golf course with 27 exciting and challenging holes suited for all golfers. For beginners a 9-hole golf course (par 31) is open to everyone. In the clubhouse you will find a changing room and shower facilities including towels and a café where you can enjoy a drink or a meal. 

Sindal Golf Club

The golf course Sindal Golf Klub is a beautiful and well-maintained 18-holes course. It is situated in a scenic and diverse nature and protected against the western wind. The golf course is hilly, it is of a very high quality and it has highly maintained greens. The golf club has good training facilities and a 9-holes par-3 golf course. In the clubhouse you will find changing rooms and shower facilities, a pro shop and vending machines with toast and cold/hot drinks. 


Indulge yourself with a treatment at  Massage-Nord. There is a variety of massages, peelings and sauna treatments to choose from.

Hjørring Bowling & GokartCenter

Hjørring Bowling & GokartCenter is one of the largest entertainment centres in Northern Jutland. It has 14 lanes as well as special lanes for kids and an indoor go-cart track on two levels. The restaurant has good dining offers e.g.  Steaks & Bowling and also a delicious buffet. Billiard and pool tables, slot machines and air hockey are situated close to the restaurant. Midnight/party bowling with a splendid lightshow and disco music every Friday and Saturday evenings. 

Vandhuset Park Vendia (swimming center)

If you enjoy Wellness, we recommend that you visit Vandhuset Park Vendia. It has a large swimming pool and a wellness section, where you can indulge yourself and find inner peace and strength. You can also enjoy a swim in the large 50 metre basin with 8 lanes. Vandhuset Park Vendia has a fun area with a 60 metre long water slide, where children can play and includes a basin with 30 degree C warm water plus steam bath and sauna.

Hjørring Bibliotek - Library

The library in Hjørring is situated in the shopping centre Metropol. It is a large and welcoming library and it has a slide for children, an area for toddlers and free access to computers and wireless Internet. All year round the library hosts exciting events. The library also has a pleasant café, where you can enjoy a break in an exquisitely designed environment or even your packed lunch.

Go fishing

Dvergtved Søpark consists of 22.000 square meters of Put & Take lakes that are beautifully situated on an elevated seabed from the early Stone Age. Parking spaces are available close to the lakes. Rainbow trout are released daily. Dvergtved Søpark also has a tackle shop. 

The small riverlet Uggerby Å has a large stock of sea trout, river trout, eel, roach and pike. The stock of sea trout is unique because of their size. The average weight of a sea trout is around 5 kg but every year fish close to 10 kg are caught. Green stakes placed along Uggerby Å  indicate where fishing is allowed. A fishing license and a national permit must be brought and shown on request of fishing officers, landowners or members with a valid membership card. Uggerby Å is closed for fishing from the 16th of  November until the 15th of January. Kelt  (recently spawened and in weak condition fish) are protected until the 1st of April.

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Hjørring Citybike

Grab a city bike whenever you want. Release the bike from the parking racks by depositing a 20-kroner coin. When the bike is returned to any parking rack, the 20-coin will be returned. It is an eco-friendly and free way to get around in the town. The placement of the city racks is displayed on a map attached to the bikes. Citybike Hjørring

Canoeing on Uggerby Å

Why not rent a canoe and experience nature from the water? Canoeing on the small riverlet Uggerby Å  it is a fun experience for the entire family. You can rent the canoe at Sindal Camping and Canoe Rental. When you need to stock up or feel like exploring the area, it is possible to borrow a canoe bike with a trailer. All you need is a 20-kroner coin to release the canoe bike from the parking rack. When you return the canoe bike, your coin will be returned.

In Sindal you will find the canoe bikes at Sindal Camping and Canoe Rental, at Sindal Marina and in the centre of the town. In Mosbjerg you will find the canoe bikes close to where you bring the canoe on shore, at Højen Information Centre and at Bjørnager next to the Landscape and Agricultural Museum .

Kano på Uggerby Å

Hjørring football golf

Football golf is a combination of mini golf and football, where you have pass funny obstacles and kick the ball into a hole by using the fewest number of kicks.Hjørring Foldboldgolf

Dana Cup

Dana Cup Hjørring was started in 1982 and in the summer of 2017 tournament no. 36  is conducted. in 1982 222 teams participated and tosay Dana Cup welcomes more than 1000 teams from 45 nations. 
Dana Cup is Denmarks largest sporting event and the worlds thid largest youth soccertournament.

Dana Cup 2016