Skagen - the meeting of the two seas

Private rentals in Skagen

It's easy to rent a private room or house in and around Skagen. You'll get very close to the locals and really get to know the charming city.
Private rentals is an economical choice, and most places have linnen and cleaning included. It's always possible to cook your own breakfast, and a few places also include a full kitchen.

See the list below for possibilities.

Birgitte Tolnov Bed & Breakfast

Private accommodation in Hjørring and the surrounding area

Do you need a place to stay? Hjørring and the surrounding area offers several of options for private accommodation. In the centre of Hjørring, in the smaller towns like Sindal and Bjergby, in the country side, in villas and farms you will be welcomed with freshly made beds in a single-, double- or family room.

Privat accommodation in Frederikshavn

Here are your options for renting private rooms.

Overnight accommodation in Frederikshavn

Accomodation in Frederikshavn

Frederikshavn offfers a wide selection of accomodation. You can stay centrally in Frederikshavn or choose to stay close to the beach or the forest- where it's nice and quiet. The selection is big in Frederikshavn, choose between hotel, hostel, campsite, holiday cottage or Bed & Breakfast.

- staying in private, cozy surroundings

Private accommodation in Hirtshals

Here you will find a list of different private accommodations in Hirtshals, Tornby and the nearby area. To live privately is a lovely form of accommodations where you can stay for a longer stay, a weekend break or just a single night.

Accomodation in Frederikshavn

Overnatning i Frederikshavn

Frederikshavn byder på et bredt udvalg i overnatningsmuligheder. Du kan bo centralt i Frederikshavn eller vælge at bo tæt på stranden, skoven - der hvor der er ro og fred. Udvalget er stort i Frederikshavn. Vælg mellem hotel, vandrerhjem, campingplads, feriehuse eller Bed & Breakfast.  

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