Welcome to Sæby

The old market town of Sæby offers an idyllic setting for a memorable family vacation. On the child-friendly beaches, you have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the sun, the water and each other's company in the beautiful Danish nature.
Take a stroll down the seafront promenade, soak in the beautiful sights and feel the distinctive atmopshere that surrounds the town of Sæby.
The small cultural gem has many qualities, you can for instance visit the charming boutiques, indulge in a seafood meal at one of the local restaurants, expand your knowledge at interesting museums and much more.
Come and experience the wonderful town of Sæby and make charming memories.

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Sæby marina with "The Lady of the Seas"

Events in Sæby

Review the many events and activities in Sæby - there might be an event that you do not want to miss!

Angling in Sæby

Angling in Sæby

In amazing surroundings and optimal circumstances, the chances of making your dream catch are good. Maybe you will bring home dinner yourself! 

Lyngså Beach

Beaches near Sæby

Is there anything better than a relaxing day at the beach? The beach in Sæby offers white sand, beautiful blue water and the awe-inspiring view. Gorgeous, right?



Treat your taste buds with wonderful dinner experiences at the local restaurants in Sæby - enjoying yourself on the beach or the many events in Sæby works up an appetite!

Sæby Pedestrian Street

Shopping in Sæby

To a vacation belongs a little shopping and in Sæby, you can do exactly that. Rent bikes, buy fresh fish, try on a beautiful dress, and much more. 

Accommodation in Sæby

Sleep well in Sæby

After a long and eventful day in Sæby, a good night's sleep is much needed. Review the accommodation possibilities here. Sweet dreams!

Kløverstierne in Sæby is for everybody, joggers as well as athletes

Kløverstierne in Sæby

Four fantastic hiking, biking and running routes. The routes vary from 2.5 km to 21.5 km and combine experiences in the fresh air with exercise.

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