Places to eat in Frederikshavn

Enjoy the great food that Frederikshavn has to offer at any time of the year. In the town itself, in the forest and at the harbours you’ll find good places to eat offering a varied selection of dishes ranging from delicious fish specialities, local specialities, traditional Danish food or ethnic dishes. Just help yourself!

Bon appétit!

Frederikshavn has a wide range of cafés and restaurants. Most of these can be found in the centre of the town, but there are also good places to eat in the Bangsbo area and at our two marinas, Rønnerhavnen and Frederikshavn Marina. In Frederikshavn you can enjoy the local cuisine, freshly caught fish from the sea, gourmet dishes based on local ingredients, as well as food with an exotic hint of foreign climes. In the town you can find delicious sushi, American burgers or great food from Asia.

Outdoor service

Is there anything quite like enjoying your lunch out in the open with the sun’s rays kissing your face? Or how about a glass of ice-cold wine to accompany your food? During the summer months in Frederikshavn there are endless opportunities to enjoy your food at the town’s many restaurants that offer outdoor service. At Lodstorvet the entire square is converted to a large restaurant out in the open which oozes fantastic summer atmosphere. Or how about enjoying your food in the shade of the majestic crowns of the beech trees or to the accompaniment of the sound of the gentle roar of the sea? Come to Frederikshavn, and go out – and outside – to eat!

Café life

In Frederikshavn we also have cosy cafés that can satisfy your desire for a quick snack or a proper sit-down meal. Begin the day with a delicious brunch or take a break from shopping with a cup of coffee and homemade cake. From the cafés in the town centre you can relax and indulge in a bit of people-watching as the busy life of the town rushes by.

Food on top 

Eating a meal at Restaurant Snerlen at the top of the Kattegat Silo or at Restaurant Gråanden at the top of Hotel Jutlandia is an experience not to be missed. Keep an eye on the ferry traffic, look out over the sea and dream of a trip to the islands of Hirsholmene whilst enjoying delightful cuisine. Both the view and the food come highly recommended.






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A “Frederikshavner”


Frederikshavn is famous for a local dish - a “Frederikshavner”, which is a large fried plaice with potatoes, browned butter, lingonberry preserve and perhaps marinated cucumber salad. This speciality can be enjoyed at many of the town’s restaurants.

“Tørrede jyder”

Tørrede fisk i Frederikshavn

In Frederikshavn you’ll also find another speciality – “Tørrede jyder”. If you look up at the flagpoles in the town, you may still be fortunate enough to see the many flatfish hanging out to dry. Drying the fish has always been used as a way of conserving the fish, although the phenomenon was more widely used in former times than is the case today. However, there are still local inhabitants who swear by a genuine “dried Jutlander” today! 

Local ingredients

Lokale fødevarer

There’s nothing quite like freshly caught fish. Perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to find a local fisherman in Rønnerhavnen or in Strandby. Alternatively you can head out to the local food market at the church square every Saturday morning. Or how about digging up potatoes or picking your own strawberries at Vasen? Frederikshavn has a wealth of delicacies on offer – both from the sea and from the land!