Out in nature - in Hjørring and the surrounding area

The entire area has a beautiful landscape and a vigorous nature. In the Spring everything turns green and nature sets the scene for a pleasent picnic. In the Summer it is possible to find green areas in the middle of the town, where you can enjoy the sun and a quick break, while the children play at the playground. When Autumn comes the hunt for natural treasures like mushrooms and berries begins. In the Winter it is time to enjoy the snow and a wonderful toboggan ride in the hilly landscape.

Green breathing spaces in the town

Hjørring has a lot of green spaces. The parks are situated all over the town and they encourage fresh walks or relaxation out in the open. In the town of Sindal you will find gardens with tables and benches and a playground. 

Active in nature

Canoe: A canoe trip down the small riverlet Uggerby Å is a great outdoor experience that you should not miss out on. Everybody can participate – regardless of age. On the journey towards the sea you can find primitive accommodation possibilities and scenic places, where you can enjoy your own packed lunch. You can rent a canoe at Sindal Camping and Canoe Rental. It is recommended that you book in advance. It is possible to buy a guest licence for your own canoe or kayak.

Go fishing: Dvergtved Søpark consists of 22.000 square meters of Put & Take lakes that are beautifully situated on an elevated seabed from the early Stone Age. Parking spaces are available close to the lakes. Rainbow trout are released daily. Dvergtved Søpark also has a tackle shop. 

The small riverlet Uggerby Å has a large stock of sea trout, river trout, eel, roach and pike. The stock of sea trout is unique because of their size. The average weight of a sea trout is around 5 kg but every year fish close to 10 kg are caught. Green stakes placed along Uggerby Å  indicate where fishing is allowed. A fishing license and a national permit must be brought and shown on request of fishing officers, landowners or members with a valid membership card. Uggerby Å is closed for fishing from the 16th of  November until the 15th of January. Kelt  (recently spawened and in weak condition fish) are protected until the 1st of April.

Visit the woods

The woods Tolne Skov and the hilly area Tolne Bakker are a diverse outdoor experience.  In the Autumn the unique nature offers plenty of possibilities to pluck berries and mushrooms. The forest has deciduous and conifers, they are home to a various bird and animal life. In the beautiful woods close to the Skovpavillion you will find a family of trolls carved from wood. You can also find a nature playground and other facilities. It is worth a visit, even on a rainy day.

The wooded area  Slotved Skov, near Sindal, is a beautiful place to go hiking. From vantage points you can observe theflocks of fallow deer. The woods are deciduous and very old, where the large beeches are particularly striking and the woods shows clear traces that life that has prevailed here for many thousand years. Ancient monuments testify that this area has been inhabitited for ages. The large parallel mounds originate from the Neolithic Age 5-6000 years ago. The deer park is a fenced area open to everyone and if you move carefully, you have the opportunity to observe the flocks of fallow deer

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Bicycle and hiking trails in the area

Great tips and maps of the natural areas: 

Hiking trails in and around Sindal

Download the flyer and get a map of hiking trails in Sindal.

Tolne Forest

The woods Tolne Skov is a preserved area with a lot of trails. Download the flyer. Great tips for bicycle and hiking trails available on the website of Tolne Skov.Tolne Skov

Trails in Hjørring

The flyer has a list of inspiring trails in the green spaces of Hjørring by foot, on a bicycle or in an electric wheelchair. 

Parks and gardens in the town of Hjørring

Did you know, that it is possible to walk from the north to the south of Hjørring by only walking through green spaces? Download the Flyer for more information.

Sleep out in the open

By the small riverlet Uggerby Å you will find primitive shelters in Sindal, Mosbjerg and in Bindslev Gl. Elværk - Bindslev Old Power Station. South of the Teglværk - Tileworks in Sindal, the new campsite Sindal Marina has been established. At Sindal Marina you will find shelters, a composting toilet and a fireplace. You will find the places for accommodation on the map of Danish Nature Agency.

Hjørring City Bike

Grab a city bike, whenever you want and get around in the area easily. The city bikes will be released form the parking racks by depositing a 20-kroner coin. The coin will be returned, when the bike is returned to any parking rack in the town. It is an eco-friendly and free way to get around in the town. The bikes are provided with a map of all the parking racks in the town.Hjørring City Bike