Spend your Easter holidays in the Top of Denmark with events and activities for the entire family

Find different and unique art experiences at the art events in the Arts and Crafts Week in the Top of Denmark. Hear about the artists and their inspiration and try to use your own creative talents.

Great offers for accommodation and gastronomy in the week 16


Find inspiration for the right accommodation for you - hotel, inn or holiday home. Or maybe you would like to go camping or stay at a hostel.

Explore nature

Love our nature - come and experience nature in the Top of Denmark and love to love our nature...

Visit galleries and craftsmen in the Top of Denmark. Get cultural experiences. Visit arts museums or hear storytelling about nature, the towns etc.

Get tempted by delicious dishes made by local raw ingredients in the world of gastronomy in the Top of Denmark. Find inspiration for a culinary holiday.

Active in your holiday

Spend an active holiday in the Top of Denmark. Rent a canoe, a bicycle or go riding and experience nature at close hand.

The Top of Denmark offers lots of fun activities for children all year round. Experience nature from children's angle or visit the many attractions with fun for kids.

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Inspiration for your holiday - in printing

Inspiration for your holiday in the Top of Denmark - in printing

Find inspiration for your holiday in the Top of Denmark in the many interesting brochures. Download or receive by mail.


The Land of Light 2014

Art and culture

Eating out

Active holiday


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