Skagen Grey Lighthouse

Skagen Grey Lighthouse

Early May 2017 the new international bird adventurecenter: Skagen Grey Lighthouse - Centre for migratory birds, opens. In the new center, you can take a virtual tour to discover and experience the many exciting migratory birds that each year guests Skagen and surround areas.


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Farm Fun - Fun with animals

Fun for kids in the Top of Denmark

The Top of Denmark offers lots of fun activities for children all year round. Experience nature from children's angle or visit the many attractions with fun for kids.

Horseback riding on the beach - enjoy

Active in your holiday

Spend an active holiday in the Top of Denmark. Rent a canoe, a bicycle or go riding and experience nature at close hand.

Glass art - Glashuset Lønstrup - North Jutland

Interested in art and culture?

Visit galleries and craftsmen in the Top of Denmark. Get cultural experiences. Visit arts museums or hear storytelling about nature, the towns etc.

Wellness and relaxation in the Top of Denmark

Enjoy a wellness holiday in the Top of Denmark with relaxation and rest

Explore nature

Love our nature - come and experience nature in the Top of Denmark and love to love our nature...

Gastronomy in your holiday

Get tempted by delicious dishes made by local raw ingredients in the world of gastronomy in the Top of Denmark. Find inspiration for a culinary holiday.

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