Welcome to Skagen

You'll find things to do all year round in Skagen.

The beaches are beautiful with whiter than white sand and the sea water is clear and inviting. City life blooms in the summer, but fun events take place in all seasons. Visit the inspiring museums and dwell at the world famous paintings by artists such as Michael and Anna Ancher and P.S. Krøyer.
The nature in and around the city is truly unique, and to watch "the meeting of the seas" at the very top of Denmark is a must when you are here.

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Great things are waiting

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  • If you love museums, why not save money and buy yourself a 'Skagen Pass' 
  • Lovely white sandy beaches
  • The truly unique nature offers great out-door activities all year
  • Be culturel and visit the museums, galleries and the art&craft shops
  • Dine in one the amazing fish- and shellfood restaurants at the harbour

 ... and much, much more!

There’s always a reason to visit Skagen. Well, actually a particular reason isn’t strictly necessary, but every week all year round there are exciting events going on.

At the very top og Denmark you'll find unique nature spiced with events for the whole family. The whole area lures you with holiday cottages in all price-classes, and remember - we're available all year round.

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Every year there are a lot of reoccurring events, and even more unique events and activities in Skagen. 

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Nice to know about Skagen

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